Pros And Cons Of Having A Family Dress The Same For A Portrait

11 May 2018
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One of the many ways that some families prepare to have their photo taken is to dress the same. Even though the family members are different genders and different sizes, it's easy enough to put together similar outfits for the photo shoot. For example, each member of the family may wear cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a red plaid shirt. If you're a photographer who specializes in shooting family portraits, you'll almost certainly come across people who are weighing this idea. Read More 

Don’t Be Afraid To Request No Photos During These Wedding Day Moments

19 March 2018
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On their wedding day, some couples are excited for their photographer to document virtually every moment from the start of the event to its conclusion. However, for others, there are certain moments that the clicking of a camera shutter may not be desirable. Whether you're someone who really wants to be in the moment during your big day or has a private side, there may be certain moments during the day that you don't want to be photographed. Read More 

Three Ways To Use Mirrors To Create Memorable Wedding Photos

24 February 2018
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When you're photographing a wedding, it's ideal to always look for unique ways to capture the scene. Doing so is doubly beneficial, as it will keep your clients happy, while also helping you add catchy images to your portfolio. One idea to consider is to use mirrors whenever they're available and doing so is appropriate. Capturing an image's reflection in a mirror can look artsy and give a unique view of the big day. Read More 

Hold Your Reception On A Docked Yacht After Getting Married Alongside The Ocean

21 November 2017
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If you will be getting married alongside the ocean and have made plans to hold your wedding reception on a yacht that is docked at a local marina, the ideas below may inspire you while planning for the occasion.  Have Pictures Taken By The Ocean And While Entering The Yacht Contact local wedding photographers and request to meet with them at their studios or homes so that you can browse through photographs that were taken during previous occasions. Read More 

Preparing For Children’s Sports Team Photos

23 March 2017
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Designing An Easy Photo Shoot Wrangling a group of precocious kids can be a challenge for even the most seasoned children'steam sports photographers. Fortunately, there are a few methods that will help tame even the most unruly soccer team. A smooth photo shoot starts before the day of the photos and continues after the pictures have already been snapped. Before Picture Day Prepare a checklist for the children and their parents. Read More