Preparing For Children’s Sports Team Photos

23 March 2017
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Designing An Easy Photo Shoot Wrangling a group of precocious kids can be a challenge for even the most seasoned children'steam sports photographers. Fortunately, there are a few methods that will help tame even the most unruly soccer team. A smooth photo shoot starts before the day of the photos and continues after the pictures have already been snapped. Before Picture Day Prepare a checklist for the children and their parents. Read More 

Carry These Items To Make Sure That Your Camera Tripod Is Level

30 August 2016
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If you're an amateur photographer but pride yourself on getting the best shots possible, you may always be on the lookout for new gear. While it can be fun to upgrade your lenses or add various filters that can change the quality of your shots, you should also think about some basic elements of good photography — such as ensuring that your tripod is perfectly level. The tripod is a valuable tool for keeping your camera steady, especially when you're shooting in a setting where the shutter will be open for a prolonged period of time — unless the tripod is level, you'll be somewhat disappointed with your images. Read More 

12 Things That Should Be On Your Headshot Photographer Checklist

28 July 2016
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Getting headshots is an important rite of passage for any beginning actor. It says, "Hello, world! Get ready for the next professional actor!" It's important to go with a professional headshot photographer who knows what it takes for a headshot to get noticed. Help yourself narrow down your headshot photographer choices by making a checklist of criteria you want. Consider these 12 things when making decisions about what you want for your headshot photographer. Read More 

Five Ways To Give Your Photo An Old-Time Photo Look

22 June 2016
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If you are into genealogy or family history, you have probably noticed the differences between modern and old-time or vintage photos. You may even be looking to recreate the look in your family photos so you can display them alongside your ancestors in a vintage display. There are several ways you can make modern photos look like old-time photos. Props: If you are taking a new picture, props can help you to give your photo an old-time feel. Read More 

Forget The Poster Board And Photo Albums – Show Off Your Photos In A Slideshow!

26 December 2015
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Do you have a mountain of old photographs that you would like to display at your event? Maybe you just need to add some visual pizzazz to an otherwise dry subject matter. Whatever your event, slide shows are an entertaining way to display your material. Slide shows can creatively showcase your photos for all of your traditional gatherings: Weddings Receptions – Include pictures of both the bride and group separately and together. Read More