How 3D Ultrasound Images Are Used in Prenatal Care

19 April 2019
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For pregnant women, 3D ultrasound images and 4D ultrasound images are not standard when it comes to prenatal care. Some facilities don't offer this type of imaging because they don't have the equipment to do so. Some physicians use 3D and 4D for diagnostic purposes, as the technology makes it much easier to find certain birth defects such as a cleft palate. Read on to learn more about ultrasound images.

The Safety of 3D and 4D Ultrasound Imaging

Just like the standard 2D ultrasound imaging, 3D and 4D are deemed safe when used for medical reasons. You don't want to subject your unborn baby to ultrasound waves all the time just to see their face, but it is a safe procedure when done by a trained medical professional. Whether you want to get a clear image of your baby's face for the first time, or your doctor wants to use 3D ultrasound images to diagnose a potential issue, it is a safe procedure when used in moderation.

3D or 4D is also safer because the doctors have a better view of the fetus. A 2D ultrasound image is less clear, and therefore more difficult to pinpoint small problems. While this is still the standard of care, doctors who are concerned for a growing fetus may use the higher level imaging to get the best pictures possible to see what is going on. The new technology gives doctors a better look at a fetus while in the womb, although know that in many cases it is just not necessary.

Pictures of Your Baby Before Birth

You can get pictures of your baby while in the womb using 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasounds. The image created by a 3D ultrasound gives you a first look at the face of your unborn baby, while a 4D ultrasound allows you to see your baby in almost a live video. Parents are awed when they see their baby yawn or smile while still in the womb. Some parents like to get keepsake images so that they will always remember their growing baby inside. If you want imaging done, you can talk to your physician about the possibilities. Some insurances may even cover the imaging if it is deemed necessary by your doctor.

Both 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound imaging are deemed safe when used infrequently. To gather images of your baby while it grows, and watch your baby in short live video clips, this technology gives you an inside look at what is going on with your baby. To learn more, contact services such as My 4D Moments.