3 Creative Professionals Every Video Production Company Should Have

12 August 2019
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Whether you are in the process of hiring a video production service to help you generate some nice marketing material or you are working on a concept of your own that you want to be brought to life in the form of a film, these services are exceptionally valuable to have around. Most of the best video production services employ a full lineup of professionals with complementary skills that will help bring concepts to life through film. To make sure you are working with the best video production company, it is not a bad idea to ask them what creative professionals they have on staff. Here are three of the most important ones. 

Art Director

Usually at the beginning of any concept creation during video production, the art director is given a series of ideas that need to be further developed to be more concrete. Therefore, the art director plays a huge role from start to finish. This person may use drawing, painting, and media art to create things relative to production. The art director will oftentimes come up with ideas about what stage sets should look like or where a piece should be filmed. These professionals also often have a hand in character development if your film will involve actual people or animated characters. 

Video Editor 

Video editors take on the responsibility of editing pieces of video footage once the filming is complete. This part of video production is an art in itself. This creative professional will be responsible for things like:

  • Using color-grading software to adjust the shades of the characters, environments, or settings
  • Cutting small flaws out of a video that compromises smooth transitions in shots 
  • Adjusting sound volumes at different points to create a consistent sound quality throughout 

The video editor is the individual usually involved in the final stages of video production, but their role is truly a valuable one. 

Concept Artist 

The concept artist can hold a role in several tasks throughout video production. Concept artists take specific concepts and put their own creative spins on them to bring them to life. Often working with an art director, the concept artist may be tasked with generating a concept to support character development by manipulating what it is that character wears or how they look, for example. This creative professional may also have a hand in the final product once the recording takes place. 

For more information, reach out to a video production company.